Union Minister’s attention drawn on students’ scholarship, refugee issue

ITANAGAR, Jun 9: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has caught the attention of the Union Tribal Affairs Minister on its two-point charter of demands, including early release of students’ scholarship and the refugee issue for safeguarding the interest of the tribal people.

In a memorandum to the Union Minister, AAPSU while reflecting on immediate release of students’ scholarship claimed that the “inordinate” delay in disbursing the pre-matric and post-matric scholarships to the eligible candidate has caused acute financial problems to students studying in different nook & corner of the country.

Many students from poor family background solely depend on such scholarship for supplementing their requirements like study materials and other day to day affairs, the Union said in support of its claims.

“A number of correspondences have been made to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs in the recent past in this regard; however, no concrete result seems to be in the offing,” it said.

“The non-committal attitude of the Ministry in spite of so many requests and appeals has made the minds of deprived youth agitated and they are taking the path of democratic agitation which may have far reaching ramifications in the near future,” said AAPSU and request the Union Minister to look into the matter sympathetically and impress upon his officials to immediately process the release of scholarship.

Commenting on the Chakma-Hajong refugee issue, the Union said: “The recent news of proposal for granting of citizenship to Chakmas and Hajongs in Arunachal Pradesh without adequate safeguard to the indigenous people of the state is unwarranted.”

It added saying “henceforth, AAPSU request your good office to look into the matter with utmost care in safeguarding the interest of the tribal people.”

Assurance on release of scholarships

The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) taking note of frequent voices raised by the students for delay in disbursement of pre and post-matric scholarships to the APST students, called on the Director of Social Justice, Empowerment and Tribal Affairs Department to get updates on the same. The Union had previously hit the streets demanding the early release of the scholarships money and had taken up the matter with New Delhi.

During the meeting, Director Yumlam Kaha informed that he has been pursuing the matter since many months and assured that the money would be released within two weeks and by the first week of July it would be disbursed to the students.

Sharing the figures, he revealed that there are a total of 22,564 applicants for post-matric and 2,594 for the pre-matric scholarship scheme and the department has an amount of Rs 8.51 crore and the remaining amount of about Rs 41.43 crore has been assured to be released within two weeks.

Since the department has assured to release the scholarships amounts by July, AAPSU president Hawa Bagang said the Union understands the sentiments of the students and has been raising voice for the issue, and appealed the students to have patience and abstain from raising unnecessary hue and cry.


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