Power supply disrupted in Tirap, Longding dists

Itanagar, Jun 10: Power supply to entire Tirap district and some parts of Longding district has been disrupted following breakdown of one 33.3MVA, 220/132KV power transformer at 220/132KV Sub-station, Deomali on June 8 last.

The sub-station is under the transmission zone of Power Department.

Such big transformer requires longer time to repair, informed the Executive Engineer (E), Deomali Electrical Division. The EE, however, added that the Department is trying to restore electricity supply through one standby 33.3MVA power transformer by connecting local arrangement and dehydration process is taken up to dehydrate transformer oil.

The EE requested all the consumers of Tirap and Longding districts to bear with the inconvenience cause due to breakdown of 33.3MVA power transformer at the Deomali Power Grid Sub-station.

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