Sanjoy demands apology from Shah for his comment on Gandhi

Itanagar, Jun 10: Strongly condemning the BJP national president Amit Shah’s comment on Mahatma Gandhi describing the Father of the Nation as “Chatur Baniya Gandhi”, the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee president Takam Sanjoy today demanded an unconditional apology from the BJP chief to the people of India.

Stating that Amit Shah’s statement “has shamed the nation and its people”, Sanjoy lamented that when the whole world adores Mahatma Gandhi, the BJP-RSS combine spreads its “ills” against the Father of the Nation. Shah’s statement reflects “brain with bankruptcy and knowledge with hollowness”.

“…He (Shah) should learn from Arunachalees about Mahatma Gandhi where “Namaskar, Peace and Jai Hind reign in Arunachal due to gift of Mahatma Gandhi teachings. Gandhi’s teachings and philosophy have united Indians before and after Independence.

“With his statement against Gandhi, Amit Shah has demeaned the image of the country and the BJP party which he heads. “We don’t want to learn anything from BJP or Amit Shah about the sacrifice of the Father of Nation for this great country and its people.

“When Mahatma Gabndhi preaches peace and ahimsa, BJP preaches divisiveness and hatred. Amit Shah’s statement shows his character of arrogance and anger. This is the clear taste of BJP and NDA Govt led by Narendra Modi at the Center,” alleged the APCC president.

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