Call for re-conduct of APPSCCE-2017 prelims within 3 months

Call for re-conduct of APPSCCE-2017 prelims within 3 months

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ITANAGAR, Dec 11: Alleging gross anomalies and negligence vis-à-vis the conduct of APPSCCE (prelims) on 26th November last, the Steering Committee for APPSCCE-2017 has demanded scrapping of the said examination, pressing for its re-conduct within three months.

Addressing the media persons here this afternoon, Steering Committee for APPSCCE-2017 member Dr Nani Bath claimed that there were gross anomalies, errors and negligence in conduct of the highest examination of the state by APPSC. The Committee members suspect of tampering and leakage of question papers.

“We are of apprehension that there might be leakage and tampering of question papers because most of the question papers of various subjects were found photocopied and done copy paste from various portals and service agencies which is violation of the copy right act,” he said.

Terming that such alleged gross error was not expected from the highest govt statutory body of the state, Dr Bath added that irregularities like sitting of candidates in one bench and using of cell phone was found at RGU.

“The Commission is careless and they are playing with the sentiments of the future. If our demands are not met within December 15 next, we shall file FIR against the officials,” he said.

Dr Bath, who is also a faculty of RGU, clarified that their fight is not against any individual or person rather fighting for the system.

Steering Committee for APPSCCE-2017 member and Chairman Arunachal Civil Society Patey Tayum alleged that the Commission is showing inequality and injustice to the aspirants, which, he said is a matter of grave concern for the state.

“The APPSC has been committing such mistakes all the time. If such mistakes happen all the time with the highest service agency of state govt, how can they choose best of the best person to serve the state,” he said.

Another member Dr Otem Padung called for “blacklisting” of all paper setters saying there was no moderation of paper before presenting it to the examination hall.

“After going through experts, the Committee observed that the Commission doesn’t make any moderation to the papers before the finalization. They should have consulted it before distributing it to the candidates,” he said adding equal standard and models should have been given to the students during setting of the papers.

Dr Padung further said due to missing of examination calendar, many mistakes happened in the past.

Noted rights activist Payi Gyadi demanded that whoever involved in the alleged fiasco should be prosecuted and terminated from their position as soon as possible.

Appealing the youths and intellectuals to come forward to fight against such system, he sought Prime Minister, State Governor and Chief Minister’s intervention in the issue in order to crack it.

“If the state govt really think about the welfare of the people, they should initiate action against all those officials. Because of such acts, many students are deprived of opportunities,” he said.

An aspirant, who was also present, said that the Commission is adamant not to conduct the re-examination “despite accepting their mistakes”.

He added whenever they (Committee) go to the APPSC office, they always ask their names and roll numbers “which clearly indicates apprehension of tampering of the papers”.

Their demands included stepping down of APPSC chairman, setting up of an enquiry by a top official not below the rank of a retired high court judge and sitting session judge and action against the controller of examination.

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  1. Reri C. Dulom says:

    Those caught with mobiles and cheating should be immediately debarred from writing the exam and should be banned from future exams as per rules. This would set an example and then people would not dare to cheat in this exam. What is the point of complaining that someone cheated when on the spot the person couldn’t confront. It is not only the responsibility of the invigilator but each student in the room to complain if anyone is seen copying or discussing because that cheater could take your place as the next APCS officer.

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