Urge for early construction of PMGSY roads under Nugong Banggo

Urge for early construction of PMGSY roads under Nugong Banggo


PASIGHAT, Dec 30: The Nugong Banggo Kebang (NBK) under Nugong Banggo area in Siang district inspected the ongoing road projects under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) under the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt of India on Dec 28-29 last.

A NBK team comprising of villagers of Sisen, Pangi, Riew, Beging, Rasing along with EE RWD, AE RWD Pangin, JE RWD and contractors inspected the PMGSY road projects in Nugong Banggo areas like, Komsing to Sissen road on Dec 28 at Sisen side and Dite Dime to Riew to Beging to Mopit road on Dec 29.

After visiting the road projects, NBK had a public meeting at Riew village which was attended by members of NBK, GBs and villagers of Nugong Banggo. Following a threadbare discussion, the meeting adopted some resolutions like, early commencement of FC work and deployment of machineries at zero point of Komsing to Sissen PMGSY road, re-alignment of the road from Sisen village to Dumtor area on Komsing-Sisen road.

The meeting also made the observation that the formation cutting of chainage was found to be unsatisfactory as the alignment was found deviated from the original surveyed alignment. Further NBK team directed the contractor for re-cutting of 2 km FC from 5km chainage approx on Komsing-Sisen road. Reconstruction of ‘sub-standard’ culvert and clearing of slip, landslides on Riew-Beging-Mopit village road, immediate widening and completion of remaining works of over delayed Dite Dime to Riew PMGSY road were also observed by the NBK, which also pressed for immediate completion of Jorsing to Komsing (Kumku) PMGSY road.

The meeting also decided to constitute an expert team to guide the road alignment of Komsing to Sissen road. For any kind of land dispute out of re-alignment, the meeting also resolved to abide by the decision of the would-be expert team.

Further, the public of Nugong Banggo appealed the Govt to release the next installment of the project for making necessary payment to the contractor for early completion of the road projects.

According to NBK president Tapun Taki and general secretary Er O Pajing there are around Rs 75-crore road projects being undertaken by RWD, Pangin but not a single project has been successfully completed. The various road projects under Nugong Banggo included Sissen to Komsing, Jorsing to Komsing, Riew-Beging-Mopit, Dite Dime-Riew etc under many of which constructions were unsatisfactory, added the NBK leadership.


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