Suggestions on traffic front


In order to ease the traffic congestion and allow smooth vehicular movements in the capital roads, I would like to share the following suggestions:

At all junctions, vehicles from one pavement/side should only be allowed to move forward while from all other pavements are to be put on halt. The duration should be of 45-60 seconds and then the other pavements one by one, on a rotation basis.

The system should be as follows: Take the Civil Secretariat junction for example: It is a four-way junction, one coming from Naharlagun other from Ganga, one towards Civil Secretariat and one towards Higher Secondary School. Traffic wardens should stand in the middle of the junction and should allow vehicles coming from one side only to move and all other sides should be stopped. Suppose, vehicles coming from Ganga are allowed to move, then vehicles from all the other three sides are to be stopped thereby the vehicles can go either to Naharlagun, Civil Secretariat or HS School side smoothly. Then similarly the other sides. Duration for each side should not be more than 60 seconds (one minute).

This arrangement will allow the vehicles of atleast 30-50 in numbers to move without any hurdle to all directions, without making any disturbance to each other. Then the other junction will also do so and finally, the vehicles at every junction will go smoothly at a stretch.


Rajesh Kamalan

PS to Minister (Power)

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