Donyi-Polo Day celebrated across State

Donyi-Polo Day celebrated across State

ITANAGAR/PASIGHAT, Jan 2: The believers of Donyi-Poloism have celebrated the Donyi-Polo Day across the State on Sunday with traditional gaiety and religious fervor.

At Banderdewa, gracing the celebration, Adviser to Chief Minister Tai Tagak, while greeting the Donyi Polo faith believers, called for preservation of their age-old traditional culture and for its documentation involving experts and senior members of the society.

Tagak, while expressing his concern over the ‘growing’ inclination of the tribal society towards modernity, appealed all concerned to pass their traditions and ritualistic knowledge of the ancestors to their younger generations. He lauded the organizer Nyishi Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society (NIFCS) for the ‘wonderful’ programme.

The Donyi-Polo Day was also observed across various Ganggings in East Siang district. The Central Donyi-Polo Yelam Kebang (CDPYK) organized the Day at the Rani village Gangging which was attended by Pasighat West MLA Tatung Jamoh and East Siang DC Tamiyo Tatak as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

All the speakers including former Union Minister Opak Apang, former Health & FW Minister Dr Tangor Tapak, CDPYK vice president Tanon Tatak and secretary general Tajom Tasung stressed on need of preserving the indigenous faith and culture. Omak Apang and Dr Tapak said, even the world’s developed countries are now trying to find out their roots and belief and faith system, and hence, preservation of Donyi-Polism is of utmost importance.

Invited guest from Assam, Benthum Narzari, president, Youth Wing, All Bathau Mahasabha also spoke and laid emphasis on promoting Donyi-Poloism. Tajom Tasung and Tanon Tatak clarified on ‘misconception’ created by some section of society terming Donyi-Polism as partner to Hinduism. Tatak said that Hinduism never encourages conversion rather they help us realizing importance of preserving one’s own age-old faith & culture.

Er Tatung Jamoh and DC Tamiyo Tatak also dwelt at length on promotion and preservation of indigenous traditions and cultures. Jamoh and Tatak, who earlier took part in rituals and offered prayers during the start of the celebration, appreciated the effort of the CDPYK.

Meanwhile, Yakiyam Mingki Jamoh, wife of MLA Jamoh graced the Donyi-Polo Day celebration at Miglung village and Er Mukling Tayeng, EE RWD graced the Day at Ngopok village Gangging.

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