China ‘builds’ road beyond McMahon Line

China ‘builds’ road beyond McMahon Line


ITANAGAR, Jan 3: In what appears to be a ‘disturbing’ news for the nation post ‘Doklam episode’, the Chinese authority continuing with its expansionist policy has allegedly constructed a road along McMahon Line and expanded it by more than one km inside the Indian territory near Bishing village under Tuting sub-division in Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Siang district.

As per the information received from the villagers of Tuting area, the Chinese had entered into Indian territory from left side of the Siang river by constructing a road across McMahon Line, the Line of Actual Control (LAC) using heavy machineries.

“The road crossed into Indian side by more than one km near Bishing village, the last border outpost,” the sources informed.

The road construction by China was stopped by a brave heart Joney Yaying, a local villager of Zido village. He immobilized a folkland by using his dao (machete) by cutting the wire and glasses of the excavator.

“The immobilised machine is lying in Indian side and the road building team along other machineries escaped back to China side,” said one of the sources.

The road cutting is also clearly visible to naked eyes from right bank also at Gelling, which is about 7-8 km aerial distance from cutting site. Indian Army and Chinese army had packed their tent at freshly cut road and had erected a boulder wall at McMahon line.

“Now, the Indian armies are air dropping huge quantity of ration, arms and ammunition in the area,” he said.

It is said that there was a seasonal kutcha road connecting Medog County (opposite Bishing area which hitherto was the least developed county of China in terms of road infrastructure) in December 2010 where the Chinese announced a project to convert it into highway which they inaugurated early in 2013.

China’s last isolated county was connected to the national road network when a highway to Medog County was built in Tibet in 2013. Near China’s border with India, Medog locates in the downstream of the Yarlung Zangbo river and south of the Himalayas. Its name means the “secret lotus” in Tibetan. And as the name suggests, it is a beautiful place surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It used to be known as China’s last and only county without a highway link, according to Xinhua report.

Reportedly, all seven villages of Medog County have now got broadband connectivity.

A local of Tuting has recently raised serious concern over the pathetic road connectivity to Tuting.

Around 300 km stretch of military road from Sanggam Point in Siang district to Tuting (Upper Siang) is in poor condition. Most of the stretch of the said road is in unrepaired state. Strategically, the decrepit road will be unable to withstand heavy machineries in case of any emergency.

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