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In our state there are around 500 to 600 graduates/diploma holders in Tourism Studies and with the passage of time this number is increasing. We did study this subject with a hope to have better job opportunity as our state is nationally and internationally known for tourism. But it seems that our study and knowledge in this field are going to be wasted, because in spite of good number of vacant posts of District Tourism Officer (DTO) and Tourist Information Officer (TIO), Government is not notifying these vacant posts which are being held by other administrative officers.

Till 2009 every graduate could apply for the post of TIO but post 2009 Government has made graduation/diploma in Tourism Studies minimum qualification for the said post, which is good step. But in spite of huge number of talented unemployed youth with specialized knowledge in the field, Government   is not filling up the vacant posts.

If we are not wrong it has been decade or more since the direct recruitment of DTO and till date no single direct recruitment of DTO has been made. District after district is being created, but there is no sign of recruitment of DTO and TIO.

Then Government should also know that many of us completed study long time back and we are at the verge of crossing upper age limit. Therefore, through your esteemed daily, we on the behalf of degree/diploma holders in Tourism Studies would like to appeal to Government not to delay any more and notify the vacant posts of DTOs and TIOs soon.


Jhon Taasar

C-Sector &

Hage Tubing

Pipe Colony (C-Sector),


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