Demarcate Govt schools lands to stop encroachment: AEKDSU

Demarcate Govt schools lands to stop encroachment: AEKDSU

SEPPA, Jan 4: The All East Kameng District Students’ Union (AEKDSU) claimed that they are tired of the growing encroachments in Government Schools of the district. Attributing this anomaly to the negligence of the district’s schools authority, DDSE, for not identifying and describing the school land specifically in land management records, the Union today submitted a memorandum requesting the DDSE to immediately undertake the survey and clearly demarcate the lands of all Government-run schools in the district.

The students’ body has alleged that the schools of the district have been rampantly encroached by the public due to no land demarcations made by the school authorities.

“Such negligence has encouraged the local people to easily occupy Govt lands without any fear. The land that belongs to the school has to be specifically carved out in map and then only strict regulations can be made to save the schools,” president of the union, Chakang Yangda said.

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