Si-Donyi celebrated with full traditional festivities Taga pitches for cultural exchange between all tribes

Si-Donyi celebrated with full traditional festivities Taga pitches for cultural exchange between all tribes

NAHARLAGUN, Jan 6: Si-Donyi, a major festival of the Tagin community was celebrated with full traditional festivities at the Si-Donyi ground here today as the performing of a slew of rituals marked the celebration.

The members of the community residing in capital complex including Banderdewa and Karsingsa, dressed in their traditional attires, took part in the festival.

The day-long celebration saw cultural troupes from various groups of the community presenting colourful cultural programme, to the huge applause of a large gathering.

Speaking as chief guest on the occasion, Power Minister Tamiyo Taga advocated for cultural exchange between all tribes of the state to understand each other better.

Calling upon the youth to carry forward cultural and traditional values of their own tribes, he said: “One must protect and preserve their own traditions and culture and every parent must impart knowledge about the same to their children which would help the younger generation.”

Taga observed: “Ours is a distinct state with several tribes and communities residing side by side for ages and maintaining their own unique indigenous culture and traditions.” This cultural mosaic has to be maintained, preserved and protected at all costs, he added.

The Minister asserted that everyone must focus more on horticulture and agriculture sectors for sustainable development and to make the state self-reliant.

Informing that the state govt has already taken up steps to curb criminal activities in capital complex, Taga added that three main roads of capital complex such as TT Marg-Bank Tinali-Niti Vihar – Division IV-RK Mission Hospital, E-sector – legislative assembly-higher secondary school – Doordarshan- Circuit House-Bank Tinali and Lummer Dai road in Naharlagun upto police station would be equipped with LED street lights with 24 hours CCTV camera surveillance in first phase.

On the occasion, he also released an audio album ‘Ngunge Upper Subansiri’.

Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan, in his speech, exhorted the youth of Tagin community in particular and the state as a whole to defy the bandh culture which, he said is illegal and create hue and cry amongst the peace loving people of the state.

“To include our capital complex in the top 56 list within the country, we have to change our mindset where people’s cooperation is equally important,” he felt.

Delhi University Students’ Union president Rockey Tusseed said that there are about 700 students from Arunachal pursuing their studies in Delhi University and added saying “they are peace loving”.

Capital Complex Si-Donyi Festival Celebration Committee vice chairman Tanyia Soki and secretary Take Lusi Sorum among others also spoke.

Former minister Daklo Nidak, Nyishi Indigenous Faith & Culture Society secretary Gichik Taaza, SE RWD T K Tagin and neurologist from Delhi Dr Hitesh Kumar among others were present.

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