‘Apatani Glory’ featured in Journal of Threatened Taxa

‘Apatani Glory’ featured in Journal of Threatened Taxa

ZIRO, Jan 9: A paper titled “A new species of Zygaenid moth, Elcysma ziroensis (Lepidoptera Zygaenidae: Chalcosiinae) from India” was recently published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa in December 2017.

This paper was a result of collaboration of Punyo Chada, a native of Siro village, Ziro and a member of NgunuZiro, who first photographed the moth in 2010, and Monsoon Jyoti Gogoi, a scientist from BNHS and a world renowned Lepidoptera expert (butterflies and moths), according to the NGO, which organized the North East India Butterfly Meet in September 2016 where this moth was spotted for second time in Pange, Tale Wildlife Sanctuary.

In the paper, the authors gave details about all the described members of genus Elcysma and details to justify why Elcysma ziroensis is a new species. This publication is perhaps the first example of a new species discovered through citizen science from Arunachal Pradesh. Citizen Science is a recent concept in North East India through which general citizens and scientists and experts collaborate to do scientific work and research.

The authors have also given the moth the common name ‘Apatani Glory’ after the Apatani tribe of Ziro valley. Sharing his feelings for this recognization, Chada said: “I’m glad this new species has been discovered and described from Ziro valley. I hope this publication will be an inspiration for others to go, see and document the rich biodiversity of our region.”


A new species of Zygaenid moth Elcysma ziroensis (Apatani Glory). Courtesy- Punyo Chada

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