An appeal to GoAP


Through your esteemed daily, we on behalf of the Arunachal Pradesh Anti Corruption Andolan Committee (APACAC) would like to appeal and bring it to the notice of Govt of Arunachal Pradesh that ‘Arunachal Wado Kai Karate Association’ has produced good numbers of national and international players from our state who have brought laurels to our state in particular and country as a whole. Pertinently it is to bring it to the notice of the State Govt that since many years the players of the said format of karate are practicing at the Tennis Court located within the premises of Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar which is the only place for their practice. It is to highlight that the same place (Tennis Court) where the players practice their ‘Wado kai karate-do’ is used for miscellaneous purpose like dharna and rally by various organizations, groups mushrooming in our state which is causing serious disturbance to the players practicing the said format of karate.

Therefore, in view of this fact, it is requested to the Govt to kindly look into the issue at the earliest and thereby allot/build a separate place/indoor room for the purpose of practice of the players of the said format of karate failing which it will hamper the production of good players of ‘Wado kai karate-do’ from our state in future.


Lokani Dark, Chairman APACAC

& Tana Rasso Tara, Secy APACAC

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