RCC structures in Ziro Valley making UOV on the wane

RCC structures in Ziro Valley making UOV on the wane


It is so painful in the recent times to see the rampant coming of RCC structures in paddy fields of Ziro plateau. Also, many are constructing their paddy field roads with RCC materials. These two factors are causing degradation to the natural beauty of paddy fields of Ziro valley which is known in the world for its UOV (Universal Outstanding Value) for which this valley is now enlisted under the World Heritage Site with an objective to take it under the WHS status. If this trend continues at this speed then surely the people of Ziro will lose the World Heritage Site from the UNESCO because by that time paddy fields of Ziro valley will have no any UOV.

On the other hand, the pine groves and forests of Ziro plateau are almost getting barren for raising Kiwis orchards and sawing timber for dwelling houses and commercial purposes. More over many bamboo groves are also destructed for raising dwelling houses. The entire villages of Ziro are also turning into towns with RCC structures. Therefore, the people of  Ziro plateau is now gradually failing to maintain the co-existence with nature as was in the days of our ancestors. It is in the hands of people of Ziro to hold UOV of its place or lose it. (The writer is a senior journalist)

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