Unabated dumping of garbage in Kameng river concerns AEKDSU

Unabated dumping of garbage in Kameng river concerns AEKDSU

SEPPA, Jan 16: Once considered a source of potable water by the people, the Kameng river in East Kameng district has now turned into a dumping ground for disposal of garbage and other waste materials, posing a serious threat not only to the future of the river but also to the aquatic life and the environmental conditions of the district headquarters.

Appalled on seeing the widespread pollution being caused in Kameng river, the All East Kameng District Students’ Union (AEKDSU) today questioned the district administration’s alleged silence on the matter and urged the DA to immediately issue a prohibitory order against dumping of garbage and domestic waste materials into the river.

“The river is being polluted seriously and is bound to cause serious health hazards as the river water is directly used by the people, especially by those who are living on the banks of the river,” AEKDSU president Chakang Yangda said.

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