Village man starts hunger strike protesting non-payment of compensation by BRTF

Village man starts hunger strike protesting non-payment of compensation by BRTF

Maksam Tayeng

PASIGHAT, Feb 3: Aggrieved and shattered over loss of his livelihood, one Kayon Apum of Sigar village under Mebo sub-division has launched a two-day hunger strike against BRTF this morning protesting non-payment of compensation for damaging large tracts of his agricultural land.

Apum, who is camping at the entrance of BRTF’s Project Brahmank HQ, Raneghat along with family members and friends, said that he has been left with no alternative as he has been running from pillar to post to get compensation of his agricultural land destroyed by the river current diversion by the BRTF at Siku Bridge point during 2015. He claimed that his vast tracts of agricultural land at Sigar village has been completed destroyed by Siku river after the river current was diverted by BRTF at Siku bridge point.

“Siku River had never flowed over to our Sigar village even during major flooding season in the past, but the river diversion construction at Siku bridge point along NH-13 between Mebo and Ayeng caused change of river current toward our village in the downstream which damaged my agricultural land,” Apum maintained.

“Despite all formalities done and properly assessed and verified by the State Government officials, the BRTF is now trying to play down the entire damages caused due to river course diversion,” he lamented. “Now I am almost brought to the street as my livelihood of WRC field has been completely washed away by the flooding river due to river course diversion done by the BRTF. I have been made to run from pillar to post by the officials of BRTF, Project Brahmank and my last option is to sit for this hunger strike”, added Apum.

Head Gaon Burah of Sigar village, Bangkal Apum also blamed the BRTF for wrongful river course diversion which has adversely affected the villagers. “Several hectares of agricultural lands were destroyed and Kayon Apum’s demand needs to be fulfilled by BRTF and the compensation should be paid soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Engineer, Project Brahmank, Er C C Jalil has refused to comment on the demand and hunger strike by Apum.

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