DA bid to regulate stray cattle

DA bid to regulate stray cattle


PASIGHAT, Feb 10: In view of repeated stray cattle menace that sometime results in to road accidents and unhygienic environment in the town, the district administration has issued a fresh order directing all concern citizens of Pasighat to restrict their domesticated animals from being strayed on roads.

In his order, DM Tamiyo Tatak said that the stray cattle has the potential to cause motor vehicle accident thereby obstructing the smooth traffic flow in the town, apart from causing damages to residential premises and kitchen garden, which has become a public nuisance within the township area.

In the interest of smooth traffic flow and to maintain a hygienic atmosphere in the town, it is necessary to control such straying animals (cow, pig, goat etc) from roaming openly in the public places at the earliest, added Tatak.

In view of the DM’s order under section 133 CrPC, the Bogong Banggo Yameng Kebang, which has been assisting the DA in trapping the stray cattle and auctioning the same upon non compliance by general public to administration’s order, has appealed the cattle owners to not to let loose their animals open from Feb 11 onward.

We are starting the drive again as per DC’s order to keep the town free from stray cattle menace and all are appealed to comply with the DM order and confine their respective cattle within their compound/shed, added BBYK leaders.



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