GSI officials inspect Langa Tata sculptures

GSI officials inspect Langa Tata sculptures

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The team of officials and scientists from Geological Survey of India (GSI) visited the recently discovered unique sculptures ‘Pwleng Sengri’ at Langa Tata mountain under Yangte circle in Kra Daadi district.

The team led by Survey Officer Sanjay Singh visited the site on Feb 9 and found the standing sculptures and held discussion with the locals including Goan Burahs and PRI members. They also took samples from the site for laboratory testing and said, they will submit the report to their higher official soon.

Tarh Tarak, general secretary of Tarh Welfare Society (TWS), which had last month claimed to have discovered the ‘unique sculpture created by nature’ in the Langa Tata and Rayung Dumchuk mountain ranges, informed that the locals of Yangte have on two different occasions cleared the jungles of the site at Langa Tata mountain, around 10 km from the circle HQs with a mission to make it a tourist spot.

He appealed the State Govt to send team of officers from Research and Tourism departments for recognition and promotion of the site as a tourist destination which would help boost up the local economy.

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