Call for rehabilitation of delinquents

ITANAGAR, Feb 12: The All Arunachal Pradesh Delinquent Welfare Association (AAPDWA) while lauding the Home Department for reducing the crimes and other unlawful activities in the State has appealed to the State Govt for initiation of rehabilitation programme, counseling and economic assistance for the delinquents in order to prevent them from going astray further.

Stating that there was a sharp decline in criminal activities in our state for last two years, the AAPDWA said the need of the hour is crime free society for a progressive state. Pledging to campaign against unlawful activities and create common platform for ex-delinquents who were involved in different types of crimes, the Association appealed the civil societies, NGOs, community based organizations and youths of the state to support and stand by Home Department for a crime-free society.

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