Dy CM graces Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi Festival at Namsai

Dy CM graces Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi Festival at Namsai

ITANAGAR, Feb 13: Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein while attending the most important dance festival of the Singpho community (34th Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi Festival) at Namsai today said that the State Govt will support to promote the rich cultural heritage of various tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, said an official press note.

Addressing a massive gathering at the festival ground, Mein assured the people of Singpho community to render all possible support to them in preservation of their ethnic identity and culture, which is one of the most vibrant & colourful among different tribes of Arunachal.

He said that the people of Tai-Singpho has rich history and maintaining age- old relations and exhorted the people of both the communities to continue to maintain this unity and bonding in days to come.

He called upon the youths to give up drug addiction. He appealed to the mothers and sisters to win back their sons and brothers who have strayed, away from the mainstream of life and embraced drug addiction.

He said, “If our brothers and sons continue to embrace drug addiction, we will be losing our future generations and will be nowhere” and called upon all stakeholders including NGOs, youths, women and student organizations to fight together to eradicate the drug menace from the eastern parts of Arunachal, which he said, is badly affected by the menace.

Calling upon the people to stop poppy cultivation, he said that the Govt will provide alternative source of livelihood in the form of alternate crops to the poppy growers so that they no longer depend on poppy cultivation for their livelihood.

Responding to a one-point memorandum submitted by the 34th SYMP Celebration Committee 2018, Mein assured to look into their demand in phase wise manner and said to provide fund for drawing of electric line, water supply and some infrastructure development of the festival ground in the coming financial year.

Parliamentary Secretary for Planning & Investment C Zingnu Namchoom, in his speech, said that there is no difference between Singpho and Khampti communities as we have matrimonial relations for ages and this relation will go on. He called upon all communities of Namsai district to come together to take the district forward in the path of development.

He also called upon the people to abstain from drug addiction and said, “abuse of drugs will lead us to darkness.” He also called upon all stakeholders to take the drug menace issue seriously and to stop the poppy cultivation while informing that the State Govt is also considering the issue seriously.

He also informed that the Chief Minister has also taken up the issue of allotting time slot for broadcasting of news bulletin in Singpho dialect through All India Radio at par with other tribes of the State with the appropriate authorities, which he said, would be done soon.

Among others, R K Sharma, DC Namsai, Jowkhong Singpho, president Singpho Development Society, Nsang Tu Awng, chairman, Pan Kachin Development Society (Chaingmai, Thailand) and Singpho Chiefs also spoke.

Various cultural troupes adorned with colourful traditional Singpho attires from Namsai, Changlang and neighbouring Myanmar participated in the festival.

Earlier, Mein inaugurated an exhibition stall wherein the antique tools & equipments and traditional items were displayed. He also released the festival souvenir ‘Shapawng Yawng India’ and a video album ‘Sumtsaw Salum’, which is said to be the first Indian Singpho music video album.

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