Genesis of Nyokum Yullo in Yazali region

Genesis of Nyokum Yullo in Yazali region

Dasser Taba Penka TEBW

Any form of culture or history has a legacy of its own, while taking its background. It is similar to human genealogy, migration, settlement and performance of rituals. Nyokum Yullo as it is known today has its origin, growth, development and transformation as a setup culture which is spreading knowledge of tradition, people and geography of particular area or region. Present status of Nyokum too has its rude form of culture and in longer practice it developed into a conducive culture and presented acceptable to many other cultures and peoples.

Nyokum can be traced back to the period of Abo Tani and his offspring i.e. Ato Niya as principal son who inherited the Tani culture and transformed into many other cultural background of various Tani tribes of the state. Legends tell about performance of Nyokum by Ato Niya in the pre-historic, geo-culture development called “NIRBA-NAMCHI”; where first Nyokum took shape. Probably, the legend transferred this performance to generations till the period of Dopum, Dodum, Dol, Nibi and Ania Heri generations. And thereby culture transformation converted into various kinds of celebrations into ‘Nyoyin-Nyokum’ connecting the nature and the landmass.

When we talk about culture or festival development of any area or region or geographical location associated with people; it gives a glimpse of history of that particular area, clan or community, involving such celebration. Yazali as a region is responsible in hoisting various cultural development and origination of songs, dances and celebration of cultures and festivals. For example – ‘The famous Rikham-Pada dance took its shape around 1967 in Yazali region. However claim is not made that Rikham-Pada was coined at Yazali but it was rediscovered here, depicting its original history that took place somewhere in between Siang and Subansiri long centuries ago. These were how the legend or history gives a cultural or literal development that again transferred for the origination of dances and festivals.

It may not be considered as narrow narration of legend and historical background of Nyokum. Rather consider it a historical truth that clan and community festival took its first shape at “Tollum-Putu” under famous Chullyu-Kebi village, whom late Taba Jobi pioneered in 1930s. He was the first batch son of late Taba Tassar, who is popularly known as DASSAR. This Nyokum was joined by entire right bank regions of Panyor River i.e. Nyoli area.

The second generation of the same family, late Taba Bida S/o late Taba Tei had also pioneered 1st ever Nyokum Yullo celebration at community  or clan level in 1963-64 at Jop village under Kebi Anchal.

It is believed that this celebration gave an idea about organising Nyokum at community level and developed it into community festival. The Nyokum celebration in 1967 at Joram and in 1968 at Yazali might have been organised under the backdrop this performance of Nyokum at clan and community level in traditional form, where late Taba Bida could generate the idea of donating a Mithun in the first celebration of Nyokum of 1963-64 and also in 1968 Yazali Nyokum.

In the process the peoples from various villages like late Nabam Mangha from Deed/Rubdi also volunteered to donate a Mithun and late Chukhu Perii – GB and late Nabam Topu from Kebi and Kamcho-Taram villages also donated one cow each for 1968 Yazali Nyokum Yullo celebration. In the preceding years late Taba Tullo, S/o late Taba Tath and grandson of late Taba Tek-ki from Takkam-Passa village became the first priest (Nyub) from the same Dassar family to get the rare honor of Nyokum-Yullo special priest (i.e. Nyokum Yullo Uii Beriibo Nyub).

Keeping the legacy, the family had celebrated the Grand-Clan Nyokum at Depo in 1992 on 27th February, where Taba Aka, S/o late Taba Bida founded the Nyokum-Yullo foundation stone commemorating the first ever Nyokum-Yullo Celebration of  Dassar-Bida family. The foundation stone was laid by Shri Chukhu Tallar the then B.D.O  of Ziro-II(Yachuli).

One more worthy mentioning is that of the First Ever Mega Nyokum Yullo celebration of Yazali region in 2012, which was initiated by the sitting MLA Likha Saaya. This mega Nyokum Yullo witnessed first ever Nyokum Namlo, various Bollywood stars like Johnny Lever, foreigners, etc and various extravaganzas for the first time in Nyishi and its Nyokum’s history.

So, this year, the Yazali region is making again a new history under the chairmanship of Er Toko Jyoti as we are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of that 1968 Nyokum Yullo celebration. Now, we should vow to make this moment a memorable, meaningful, successful and complete one by remembering and honoring the first pioneers of Yazali region’s Nyokum Yullo celebration. Moreover, it should be our moral duty to preserve the noble initiatives & ideas those pioneers have taught us. Also it should be our moral obligations to carry forward the traditional knowledge & legacies that those founding fathers have gifted us.

May Nyokum inspire us to develop many more meaningful cultures and unite us to preserve the rich cultural heritage, other than as a celebration, and broaden our horizon to understand the values and virtues of life. May Anne Nyokum bless all!!!

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