Minister meets on GST taxation

Minister meets on GST taxation

ITANAGAR, Feb 13: In a bid to discuss the issues of GST taxation, excise and departmental (Tax & Excise) structure reformation, Tourism and Tax & Excise Minister Jarkar Gamlin held a meeting at his office chamber here today involving Parliamentary Secretary for Tax & Excise and departmental officers headed by Chief Commissioner and Commissioner.

The Minster advised the department not to make delay in any file movement for effective functioning of the department while assuring that he will cooperate in all possible means.

In his speech, the Parl Secy highlighted that the GST taxation should follow Central Govt guidelines to avoid criticism, for effectiveness and mass revenue generation.

The Chief Commissioner said that the Tax & Excise department is the highest revenue generator in the State but the department’s achievement and performance have never been reached out to general public. Stating that in social media many have expressed the demerits of the department, he felt that such discouragement may weaken the working spirit of the departmental staff.

Anirudh Sharan Singh, Commissioner stressed the need of digital optical fibre for connectivity in the State to secure confidential data related to GST. He said that after implementation of GST the department has experienced a calm atmosphere as the public have “full faith” on the GST taxation philosophy.

Besides discussing threadbare to constitute capable officers for GST felicitation centre, the meeting also threw light on regularizing the transfer and posting policy of departmental staff.

The Commissioner while expressing his displeasure on the existing transfer and posting policy wherein the staff are transferred within twin capital city urged upon the Minister for recruitment of staff in the department as it is facing shortage of manpower.

Such recruitment will give employment opportunity to the unemployed youths of the State, he felt.

It was also noted that although the T&E department generates highest revenue in the State but under SADA, RE and AOP they have received less fund as compared to other works depts.

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