EE refutes WSU’s allegation

EE refutes WSU’s allegation

Itanagar, Mar 30: The Executive Engineer of PWD Kanubari Division today refuted the Wancho Students’ Union (WSU)’s allegation that he has misappropriated funds under SADA, DoTCL, DDM, NLCPR, RIDF, etc.

Giving clarification on the matter, the EE informed that almost all the major schemes under different heads like RIDF, NLCPR, SADA, DFS, SIDF and SGEG were tendered after observing all codal formalities except for few minor repair, restoration and maintenance works which were executed through work order.

On alleged misuse of Rs 99 lakh sanctioned for maintenance of Arun Nagar Circuit House, Jorhat, which comes under Kanubari PWD Division, he said during 2016-17, Rs 95 lakh was allotted for renovation of ADST office building, depot office, security guard room and circuit house (block-I) and the works were done through tender. The circuit house which was lying defunct for last 20 years was made operational.

Regarding alleged over-lapping and duplicity of schemes, he said, the Kanubari-Longding road (52Km) is an important inter-district road. Due to meager fund allotment by the State Govt under different head of accounts, the restoration and maintenance funds were proposed in specific locations and chainages as per need base. Although there may be repeat of same name of work/road under different heads, however, schemes were prepared in different specific locations giving proper chainages for the work. Moreover, one-time maintenance fund for the 52 Km road length would require nothing less than 35-40 crore. Hence, the question of any duplicity does not arise, the EE added.

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