ATPWDS bid to face-lift Aalo road

ATPWDS bid to face-lift Aalo road

Aalo, Apr 6: Concerned over the deplorable condition of roads within and outside Aalo town, a mass social service led by ATPWDS under the leadership of ex-Minister Kento Ete and largely participated by Army, BRTF, district administration, market committee and businessmen was today conducted from Lt Tape Yajo Gate to New Market area to give it the much-needed facelift. The entire stretch of road from Aalo to Pangin was in worst condition with nonnegotiable potholes and water loggings creating problems for the pedestrians too.

In a function held to kick off the social service, the Commander, Aalo Military Station and Commander BRTF said that they are always with the civil administration to give moral support to the people for any noble ventures and appreciated the concern of ATPWDS.

Its chairman Doi Ado and Kento Ete disclosed that the society has been taking up the issue of road condition of Aalo with Govt for many years, and whatever they are doing was for the larger interest of the people, purely on voluntary basis.

The Aalo Military Station and BRTF are lending their support in the form of resources and manpower and philanthropists like Doi Ado, Karka Gamlin, Idak Bagra, Tugo Gangkak and GWS are sparing their dumpers and contributing in cash. Tractor owners of Aalo town are also helping to lift sand, silts and boulders free of cost. The quarry owners are also giving free access to lift materials essential for the maintenance of the road without any taxes. (DIPRO)

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