Tourism Dept launches coffee table book

Tourism Dept launches coffee table book


ITANAGAR, Apr 7: The State Tourism Department today launched the new coffee table book, ‘Aromas of Arunachal’, during a formal function held at State Food Craft Institute (SFCI) near Indira Gandhi Park here.

The coffee table book takes readers to a journey across the state from Tawang in the west to Longding in the east through the food of the people. It gives readers an opportunity to look into the lives of the indigenous people through new lenses that have never been presented before.

Speaking at the launch event, Tourism Minister Jarkar Gamlin said that the coffee table book will not only help tourists but also generate employment amongst the youth who can use the knowledge to explore avenues of employment.

Gamlin said that the guidebook not only provides useful information but will also serve as an invitation to tourists to visit Arunachal Pradesh.

Tourism Secretary Joram Beda said that the food and cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh are at par with those in other parts of the world.

“We felt that our cuisine is no less delicious than anywhere else but the problem was with presentation and documentation,” Beda said.

The book, which Beda hoped will not only help create interest in the cuisine of the state but also help preserve traditional knowledge, features dishes that are favourites across the state such as bamboo shoot pickle to the lesser-known Khunchang-Tok, a Tangsa dish where hot stones are an essential part of the cooking process.

Beda, who is also UPSC cadre from Punjab, shared how State Food Craft Institutes in Punjab are playing vital role for development of tourism, adding that present SFCI (at Itanagar) needs upgradation.

Apart from recipes, the book is also peppered with legends and tales of some of the tribes of the state which act as a window into their cultures.

The coffee table book is developed by departmental editorial board consisting of Dr Beda, Kanto Danggen (director), Gedo Eshi (deputy director), Bengia Manna Sonam (assistant director) and Duyir yedi (TIO), written by Sanju Dodum with recipe contributor S Kar, content editor Ranju Dodum and photographer Nabam Katung.

During today’s event, a number of students of SFCI were also awarded certificates on completion of different vocational courses.

The Tourism Minister while congratulating them on completing their courses said they must ensure that their time is not wasted. “I hope your training is successful and that you are able to put your training to good use,” he said, adding that although there is no major industry in the state, the tourism sector offers major opportunities for growth.

The day also saw the launch of a customised tourist guidebook that was published by Outlook Traveller as part of its ‘Getaways’ series in partnership with the Tourism Department.

The guidebook features comprehensive articles about various places in the state from the famous to the more obscure and the people who live in those places. It also provides information about the travel arrangements available in the state.

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