‘Hospital transition plan not in order’


The story of Tomo Riba State Hospital (TRSH) being turned into Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) is seriously beginning to be viewed with scepticism by the general public of the state because the plan of the transition from the State Hospital to Institute of Medical Sciences doesn’t seem to be in order and in harmony with the careers of the 487 employees serving the only Referral Hospital in the state.

While the idea of having our own Institute of Medical Sciences in the state is welcome. Tomo Riba General Hospital at Naharlagun is the only Referral Hospital in the state and the plan to amalgamate it with the upcoming Medical College without having distinct plans and programmes of absorbing the already serving 487 employees in the hospital is a matter of serious concern. It seems the Society planning to run and administer the TRIHMS is more keen on just getting the nod of the Medical Council of India (MCI) in starting the Institute putting all other concerns under the carpet.

Under these circumstances, the People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) is bound to raise the issue of the future status and the urgent need for a Referral Hospital in the state. The Govt of Arunachal Pradesh which seems completely hurried to execute this plan in spite of the growing silent protest among the medical fraternity against this sort of unjustified decision should arrange for a consensus meeting of all the political parties and civil societies with the members of the MCI visiting the state for a threadbare discussion on issues like the fate of the 487 employees of TRSH.

This situation compels the public to raise certain questions like why has been the Govt silent on the proposed 300-bedded hospital at Pachin Colony that was planned long time back while the Govt is surreptitiously taking the shorter route of amalgamating the only Referral Hospital as a part of the yet to be started Medical Institute. These are the questions that are being raised in every home in the state capital after the controversial issue of TRIHMS has surfaced in the media. We at PPA want GoAP to be very clear and specific with its plans to start building the only Institute of Medical Science in the state in a transparent and clean manner without dragging the issue into messier controversies.


Kaling Jerang

Secy Gen, PPA


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