Mopin celebrated

Mopin celebrated

ITANAGAR, Apr 16: Parliamentary Secretary WCD, SJETA & LM Gojen Gadi called upon all to preserve and promote one’s culture while respecting traditions of every other community in the state.

He was speaking at the Mopin celebration of the Jiji-Jilen Welfare Society as chief guest here at Pesi Jilen’s residence recently.

The Society on the day committed to uphold the beliefs and values of the festivity and make it mandatory for the younger generation of the Society to thrive towards preserving the culture of the Galos.

Jiji-Jilen Welfare Society, Capital Unit president Iba Jilen urged all its members to play a proactive role in helping the society and state as a whole to achieve the ‘vision’ of the state govt and act as a catalyst of change for a better society.

Hundreds belonging to Jiji-Jilen clan across the state participated in the celebration.

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