Honesty bring huge satisfaction for a young TTI

Honesty bring huge satisfaction for a young TTI

GUWAHATI, Apr 17: In an exemplary show of dedication to duty and honesty, Md Jahid, a Travelling Ticket Inspector (TTI) of Katihar division of N F Railway found and returned a wallet full of cash to a passenger of 15959 Up Howharh – Dibrugarh Kamrup Express on 12th April last.

Describing the incident, Tarun Kedia of Kolkata, who was travelling in B-1 coach of the train, said that he had left the wallet in the toilet of his coach in the morning of 12th April unmindfully. Later, when he discovered that he had lost the wallet, he searched for it but could not find it. About an hour later when the train was standing at Telta station, the TTI came to him and handed over the wallet with the entire amount of money in it intact. There was Rs 23,000 in the wallet, Kedia said and praised the TTI and Railways for the pleasant experience.

According to Jahid, he was on duty from Malda to New Jalpaiguri on that day. A lady passenger approached him at Telta station who had found the wallet in the toilet. There was a Voter’s ID Card inside the wallet and some cash, he said.

With the help of the name on the ID Card, he located the passenger’s seat number from the Reservation Chart that he carried. He then located the passenger in the coach and after ascertaining his identity and satisfying himself of the ownership of the wallet; he handed over the wallet to the passenger.

Jahid said, it was a hugely satisfying experience to serve people with honesty as the accolades showered on him by the passengers would be the most valuable treasure of his life.

General Manager NFR Sanjive Roy highly appreciated the gesture by Md Jahid and said that his act will inspire all the hardworking employees of railway who work silently to ensure a hassle free travel experience for all our customers.

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