Ojing Taying murder case: Family demands CBI investigation

Ojing Taying murder case: Family demands CBI investigation

| Staff REPORTER |

ITANAGAR, May 15: More than 11 months have elapsed since the killing of a student leader, the city police are yet to make any significant headway in the murder case of Ojing Taying, who succumbed to his injuries four days after he was brutally assaulted by unknown assailants at Itanagar.

The State Police after getting lots of pressures from the family, relatives and various other organizations had reportedly formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the case, but the murder case of the youth remained unsolved till date and police are still clueless about the assaulters.

Addressing a press conference at the Arunachal Press Club here on Tuesday, the family members of deceased under the banner of Boriing Loung Welfare Society Youth Wing (BOWSYW) strongly demanded the State Govt particularly the Home Department to transfer the murder case to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as the SIT constituted by State Police has miserably failed to solve the same.

“If at all the Home Department-constituted SIT is failing to crack the murder case then the Government should immediately hand over the case to CBI,” asserted Elijah Taying, president BOWSYW, adding that the family members have lost confidence in the SIT and they want CBI investigation into the matter.

It has been nearly one year after our brother died after he was brutally attacked, and his parents and relatives are still waiting for justice, Elijah said and added that non arrest and absence of any significant development in the case is making the aggrieved family hopeless and questioning the police department’s competence.

“We want justice for our brother. We demand State Govt to hand over the case to CBI as the manner how the SIT and State Police are investigating the case is very depressing,” he stated.

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