PPA ridicules Khandu Govt for postponing municipal polls

PPA ridicules Khandu Govt for postponing municipal polls

ITANAGAR, May 15: Taking a potshot at Pema Khandu-led BJP Govt in the State for postponing the elections to Itanagar and Pasighat Municipalities “by the laughable and flimsy excuse of monsoon”, the People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) has of late condemned the Govt’s recent ‘order’ on the polls postponement.

The PPA, which had a meeting at party president Kahfa Bengia’s residence here, said, “This order by Pema Khandu led BJP govt is laughable and ridiculous. At a time when some BJP leader in the Centre can talk about changing the Constitution and get away unscathed, it comes as no surprise that the BJP ruled state govt of Arunachal Pradesh has issued an order that is in total violation of Article 243E of the Constitution which states that no Panchayati Raj Institution (PRI) can remain in power for more than 5 years. In Article 243E, it is stated that PRI elections can be preponed if necessary but cannot be postponed under any circumstance.”

The decision by Khandu led BJP govt to postpone the Municipal elections because of the laughable and nonsensical excuse of monsoon is beyond the understanding of the common public of Arunachal Pradesh, it said.

“Recently, Karnataka held their state assembly election during monsoon. If the memory of the state govt is vague, I want to remind them that the last PRI election of the state was held in the monsoon of 2013. If it could be held in monsoon in 2013, why can it not be held now? Itanagar is a well connected city and not a remote area or a small village with poor road connectivity.

The State Govt must realise that Arunachal Pradesh is a state of a democratic country and not a repressive region like Tibet where the oppressive govt can issue orders violating constitutional provisions. No state govt in India has the authority to issue orders violating provisions provided by the Constitution of India,” the party said.

It added, the govt must tell the public whether the office bearers of Itanagar Municipal Council are still holding their posts or not. If they are holding their posts, then the state govt must accept the fact that they are holding the posts in violation of Article 243E of the Constitution. And if they are not holding the offices, then the state government must accept the fact that it has violated Article 243E of the Constitution by postponing the election.

Either way, the state govt must accept the fact that it has violated the Indian Constitution by its ‘whimsical’ order to postpone the election and must apologise to the public of Arunachal Pradesh.

It concluded by saying, “The public of Arunachal Pradesh can see through the cat and mouse game the Pema Khandu led BJP govt is trying to play with them by postponing the election beyond the state assembly election.”

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