320 decisions in a span of 22 months!

320 decisions in a span of 22 months!

Taro Chatung

Since the inception of Provisional Legislative Assembly on 15th August, 1975, Arunachal Pradesh has witnessed nine Chief Ministers including current Chief Minister Pema Khandu. Each one has own way of approach to lead this State and each approaches had already been scripted in timeline of this State which is called political history of Arunachal Pradesh. It is already 45 years old from the year 1972 when this State had separated from Assam and when with what kinds of decisions duly taken by cabinet of successive Government had become key steps for development of this State. However, plenty of development works had left incomplete either left at half way by various successive Governments due to lack of follow up action and political instability.

The present Government led by Chief Minister Pema Khandu has taken 320 decisions in 25 cabinet meetings in the span of 22 months, is truly remarkable and commendable. However, these are to be retrospect whether each decision has practically been translated into action or not by respective departments otherwise claiming of achievements by his Government through hoardings duly erected in various prime locations of twin capital city may not hold water.

(The author is senior journalist.)

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