Choekhor festival celebrated

Choekhor festival celebrated

BOMDILA, May 31: ‘Choekhor festival’ was celebrated at Bomdila, the headquarters of West Kameng district, and in Tawang district today in a befitting manner for peace, prosperity and happiness for all.

‘Choe’ means 108 volumes of religious book of Mahayana Buddhists and ‘Khor’ means carrying a religious book in and around the villages.

The annual festival Choekhor is celebrated to avert unwanted evils and natural calamities inflicted on all the sentient beings and to bring prosperity, happiness, peace on the earth and bring bumper harvest in the year.

In all, six ‘Kengpa’ (meaning, masked men who protect religious book of Buddhist from unwanted evils) participated in the festival who walked around the villages like Pedung, Sera of West Kameng district.

The mass procession with about 700 devotees carrying religious book of Buddhist (Choe) was started from Thubchog Gatselling Monastery (Lower Gompa) that culminated at Sera village covering areas like Political garage, Pedung village, Kunjang Choekhorling Monastery, Pemaling Colony, Bank Colony, Gontse Rabgeling Monastery, etc.

Thubchog Gatselling Monastery Guru Tulku Rinpoche, EAC (Bomdila) Sang Khandu, DRDA Project Director Kesang Ngurup Damo, GB (Pedung) Passang Monpa and Kesang Tsering, Chairman, Bomdila LAMP, Dorjee Tsering and GB (Sera) Wangdi among others also participated in the procession and prayed for the wellbeing of the humankind.

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