Fund for cancer patients


Through your esteemed daily, I on behalf of cancer patients would like to highlight the scenario of sanctioning cancer patient’s fund in our state. The disease itself makes the life difficult to live as the family members face difficult hours both mentally and physically. And what makes it worse is having no money for treatment even if the doctor says it could be treated. To help this kind of situation the central government has made a scheme especially for cancer patients to sanction Rs 5 lakh to every cancer patient for their treatment which is a great step for the welfare of society. But recently I came across few cases in which the cancer patients are provided only Rs 1-2 lakh which is very less as compared to the scheme. The amount provided is not sufficient enough for the treatment. It is indeed a great step that our Govt is providing free cancer treatment but to my notice there is no capable or highly qualified, experienced or specialist doctor in our state due to which patients have to go off the state like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Shillong etc which costs too much. But it is also seen that few patients are sanctioned Rs 7-10 lakh which doesn’t make sense because maximum cancer patients are given very low amount whereas very few are given huge amount. At the end what I have been informed from sources is that all the sanctioning of fund is in the hand of present OSD to CM who sanctions funds according to his personal view and interest. Therefore, it is my humble request to our state govt to kindly provide the rightful amount which is meant for the cancer patients according to what the central govt provides.


Likha Rido

ESS Sector,


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