Security men on checking spree for ‘fake’ vehicle passes at Civil Sect

Security men on checking spree for ‘fake’ vehicle passes at Civil Sect

ITANAGAR, Jun 7: The police and other security agencies personnel deployed at the Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat gate here are, these days, on a checking spree to detect the ‘fake’ vehicle entry passes.

And during the course of intensive checking, they found several passes to be forged ones which were later seized. More than 50 such vehicle passes have been cancelled.

When asked as to why such checking were not done previously, T Ronya, one of the security officers deployed there, said that we used to check the entry passes pasted on the vehicles. But of late, it has been observed that the rush of vehicles in the campus of Secretariat is too huge and this has made us to verify it minutely and this has been reported to the authority.

Ronya said that as per authority’s direction, the checking is being done, by removing the ‘illegally’ procured passes from the vehicles. He added, more than 1000 vehicle passes have been removed during the last seven days and the same were being submitted to the GAD branch for further verification for its authenticity.

When the GAD branch was contacted, section officer Cipu Murtem said that we are issuing the vehicle passes as per guidelines and the old passes are being verified, and the original designated officers and vehicles are being issued new passes with three-year validity.

He also informed that the present exercise is being done to check duplication and impersonation. Duplicate and scanned passes are being verified and re-issued while few of them have been damaged.

A senior officer travelling by his car at the main gate told this reporter that it is, indeed, good to check unauthorized persons entering the Civil Secretariat with their vehicle with scanned, illegal vehicle passes beyond the permit period to meet the ministers and officers.

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