APCC accuses Centre, GoAP of “huge scam” on land compensation

APCC accuses Centre, GoAP of “huge scam” on land compensation

ITANAGAR, Jun 14: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has accused the BIP governments at the Centre and in State for “hatching conspiracy” to pave way for huge scam allegedly in matters of land compensation acquired for the construction of roads from Potin (Lower Subansirl dist) to Bopi (newly created Kamle dist) amounting to Rs 198 crore, and from Joram (L/Subansiri) to Koloriang (Kurung Kurney dist) amounting to Rs 40 crore.

These roads were sanctioned and awarded as part of PM package (during the tenure of Dr Manmohan Singh) in 2011-12.

In a press note, the APCC has charged the State Govt for its “utter failure to provide compensation to the general public, who own land & property”.

The party also condemned the “intentional” and “tacit” understanding of State Administration, the Centre and Dist Administration to give large scale benefit allegedly to few people by-passing the genuineness of the villagers, land owners and farmers. As a result, a huge scam amounting to Rs 238 crore allegedly has come to fore including private forest payment of Rs 10 crore.

From reliable sources, the APCC has come to know that a Fact Finding Committee has been ordered by Chief Secretary to unearth the genuineness of various beneficiaries.

The APCC cautioned the State Govt of serious agitation until and unless the entire scam is probed. The Committee should have time bound action and report submitted to the authorities be made public, it said.

Alleging that the BJP Govt in the State is playing delay tactics in the investigation of CBI on political ground, the APCC opined that the general public of the State has also lost their trust in this institution.

In the meantime, State Congress president Takam Sanjoy has constituted a nine-member Assessment Committee with APCC GS Tamchi Tahar as chairman to probe into the alleged scam.

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