Dy CM reiterates on creation of Tai Khamti teachers posts

Dy CM reiterates on creation of Tai Khamti teachers posts

NAMSAI, Jun 24: The Tai Khamti Heritage & Literary Society (TKHLS) felicitated the resource persons from Khamtilong (Myanmar), who imparted training cum crash course to the trainees in the ongoing workshop on’ Tai Khamti revised script and literature’, at Kongmukham (Golden Pagoda) at Noicheynam (Tengapani) here today.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein reiterated to place before the State Cabinet for approval of creation of teachers’ posts for Tai Khamti, which will be introduced as third language in the Tai Khamti inhabited areas. He said that Khamti is the language that has its own script after Bhoti Language in the State and it needs separate trained teachers to teach the language.

Terming Khamti as a literally rich tribe, Mein lauded the youths for showing keen interests in the language. “At times, our people had almost neglected and shown least interest in the preservation and promotion of our own mother tongue but now the time is changing and the youths are taking the lead in learning and promotion of the language, which is a very good sign,” he said.

He appealed every member of the society, the elite and NGOs to cooperate and promote it for betterment of all saying “being an elected representative and as part of the Govt, I am just a facilitator but the lead role should be taken by the elite groups of the society, community based organizations, educated youths and NGOs”.

He also expressed gladness that the girls are also catching up and able to teach in Tai Khamti while citing that once upon a time it was a taboo for girls to enter the Buddhist temple because of which they could not learn the script as it was used to be taught inside the temple only.

He said, “There is a change in the society and the change is for good” while terming it a new beginning and added it must be carried long way.

He requested the Deputy Commissioner Namsai R K Sharma and DDSE T Pabin, who were also present, to introduce Tai Khamti as third language in private schools too in Namsai district and asked them to work out modalities and issue directives accordingly.

He also welcomed the step to make teaching of Tai Khamti compulsory in temple/monastery of Tai Khamti inhabited area which, he felt would go a long way in preservation and promotion of the language.

Parliamentary Secretary for Planning & Investment, Personnel & Training, Zingnu Namchoom said that the art of teaching using different methods through singing, dancing and painting etc as shown on the occasion were impressive. He opined such different techniques of teachings would be effective for teaching and promotion of the Tai Khamti language.

Khanseng Namchoom, retired PCCF and Chief, Chongkham Village Council and Ven Vimalatissa Bhikku, abbot of Kongmukham also spoke.

On the occasion, Tai Khamti books on song, prayer, grammar, dictionary (Tai Khamti to English) and poetry were released and distributed.

The trainees spoke on how to go about the teaching of Tai Khamti revised script to make it popular among the masses and also presented songs, dance and their paintings on the occasion.

The resource persons were Ven Nerapatti Bhikkhu, Ven Asim Sujara Bhikkhu, Chowroi Thonrai Mutong and Nangchoi Mowate Longchet, according to an official release.

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