Effort to raise awareness on crime against women

Effort to raise awareness on crime against women

WAKRO, Jun 30: A workshop on ‘crime against women with emphasis on protection against domestic violence’ was successfully conducted at Beena Ghose Roy Enclave by Wakro police station in collaboration with Wakro Women’s Welfare Association.

Lady SI Roinem Jugli enlightened the audience on laws in force for protection of women. While guiding the women not to hesitate in reporting any crime against them, she exhorted the women to approach police as a friend. While we may not be able to solve all your problems we as good friends will surely pay attention to your problems and discuss and participate in finding solutions, she said.

The lady officer guided school girls present to not over indulge on social media and internet and warned them against dangers in various forms prevalent in social media that pose serious threat to their personal safety. Roinem also cautioned women folks on abuse of laws that exist to protect women.

Advocate Kameno Dellang joined Jugli in creating awareness on crime against women. He informed about various acts that fall under the purview of crime against women and urged women to always report crime to the nearest police station.

Kameno also distributed pamphlets on rights of women, women’s rights to protect from domestic violence and Arunachal Pradesh Victim Compensation Scheme 2011 published by the AP State Legal Services Authority, Yupia.

DSP Thutan Jomba representing the district police appreciated the Wakro PS and the WWWA for the programme and spoke on cyber crime.

He requested the members of general public and women to always report crime on time and approach police for assistance as the force is there to serve.

Bihem Dellang and Yompi Kri of WWWA thanked Inspector Thomas Pertin and district police for the workshop. The 150 women participants also thanked the authorities for the initiative taken.

Earlier Thutan Jomba representing Dr D W Thongon, SP, Lohit dedicated the newly functional PS Wakro in presence of EAC Dakto Riba, OC K K Yadav, Ins Thomas Pertin, OC, APP, HoDs and general public.

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