Creative writing & poetry workshop held

Creative writing & poetry workshop held


ITANAGAR, Jul 4: Scores of young writers and poets participated in ‘The Rebel Mind’, a one-day creative writing and poetry workshop organized by The Wild Flower Productions at Siddhartha Hall here today.

The speaker of the workshop was Tenzin Tsundue, who is a writer, poet and a Tibetan freedom activist. Tsundue is currently touring the state in search of Tibetan stories, their adaptation, survival, tragedies and hopes.

Sharing theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the stages involved in creative writings and tips to develop the writing skills through stages of writing process, Tenzin said that the first and foremost step to write is observation, getting inspired by the nature, imagining beyond our five senses and soak information in and around.

“The details of observations change our perspective towards stereotyping and seeing things in new light. Lastly articulation the way ones execute and provide body to the instinctive senses,” he said.

Describing writing as a gift, he said some are gifted and are born talented whereas others have to acquire the art and craft of writing.

“There are misconceptions regarding writing to be a tough and serious job but anyone willingly can get in to writing with the ample practices and dedication anyone can gain momentum and master in the art of writing. People are inspired by the nature and maintain distinct individuality through the way of writings and none will have identical approach towards phases of life,” he asserted.

Emphasizing more on writing as a tool of expressing, Karry Padu, Executive Director, Wild Flower Productions, said “Wild Flower Productions has always worked on the freedom of expression and worked on the contempt, voicing out on various social issues, so it was a good idea to invite Tenzin Tsundue to morally boost up and inspire the bunch of emerging creative writers present in the crew itself and especially the youth of Arunachal.

Writing is a way of expression and it would help to tackle vulnerable issues faced by youngsters which are seldom discussed like, depression, mental illness etc. In a way, writing has the potential to curb and release these issues.”

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