DA bans sale of formalin-laced fish

DA bans sale of formalin-laced fish


PASIGHAT, Jul 5: Following the steps of states like Kerala, Nagaland and State capital Itanagar in prohibiting sale of chemical-stuffed fishes, the East Siang district administration here has also clamped ban on the sale of formalin-laced fish till further order from the Food & Safety Unit of Legal Metrology department as toxic carcinogenic chemicals pose major health hazards to the consumers.

“We have not ordered ban on selling of fishes bred locally or caught from fresh river like Siang River and others, but restricting the sale of formalin-laced fishes from other parts on public interest,” said Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak.

Formalin is a chemical used to preserve dead bodies and prevent its decay in mortuaries. The widespread use of the deadly chemical nowadays in the preservation of fish, fruit and other food items is posing threat, informed DF&CSO East Siang, B Pertin.




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