GSU demands for docs posting at GH Aalo

GSU demands for docs posting at GH Aalo

Itanagar, Jul 5: Claiming that General Hospital, Aalo is facing acute shortage of doctors, the Galo Students’ Union (GSU), in a representation to the Minister of Health & Family Welfare, GoAP, today demanded posting of required number of doctors within one month failing which it threatened to launch democratic movement against the Govt.

Informing that the hospital was somehow functioning with a very few doctors, the GSU said, “The situation has worsened with the transfer of surgical specialist, ophthalmologist as assistant professor, child specialist as junior resident and medicine specialist to Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) without any reliever.”

Furthering claiming that the transferred doctors are still drawing their monthly salary from the General Hospital, Aalo, the union demanded the transferred doctors be released from the said hospital or the relievers be posted immediately.

The GSU said the DMO concerned along with a few MOs is helpless and unable to serve or attend to every patient due to lack of specialist in different fields.

It has requested the State Govt to address the said problem many a times but the Govt has been turning its deep ear towards the issue. Today, once again GSU has submitted its representation to the Govt. If the Govt fails to post required doctors this time within one month then the GSU will take up democratic movement against it. “Let us be united and raise voice for the good cause,” it added.

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