IFCSAP vows to fight tooth & nail to safeguard indigenous people’s interest

IFCSAP vows to fight tooth & nail to safeguard indigenous people’s interest


ITANAGAR, Jul 5: The Indigenous Faith & Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP) on Thursday vowed to fight tooth and nail to safeguard the interest of the indigenous people of the State.

Addressing a press conference at Arunachal Press Club here, IFCSAP president Tajom Tasung reiterated Chief Minister Pema Khandu to immediately withdraw his recent statement to repeal Arunachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, 1978 and rather implement the Act to protect the indigenous people of State.

Stating that the AP Freedom of Religion Act, 1978 was enacted to safeguard the ethnic tribes of Arunachal from being marginalized by the well established religions such as Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc on communal lines, the IFCSAP president asserted that the State Govt should rather implement the Act in letter and spirit for the greater interest of the State and its people.

The IFCSAP, which had submitted a representation to the Governor seeking latter’s attention on CM’s statement, further informed that they will soon call on the CM and press for immediate withdrawal of his statement.

It threatened to launch state-wide democratic movement if the CM fails to withdraw his statement and make any attempt to repeal the Freedom of Religion Act.

Emphasizing that ‘loss of culture is loss of identity’, the IFCSAP asserted that it would fight tooth and nail to safeguard the interest and rights of indigenous people in the State.

“No one should be converted forcefully to other religions,” said Tasung, adding that the indigenous faith followers in the state are peace-loving and wish to live harmoniously with people of other religions.

Citing examples of various countries across the world having such Act to protect rights of indigenous people, the IFCSAP president informed that Arunachal is the only state in entire Northeast region where the majority is still indigenous people.

“If not protected on time, the indigenous people would be marginalized soon as we are delicate and innocent,” he said, claiming that many innocent indigenous people were converted to other religions by psychological pressures.

Further, stating that the there could be dangerous ramifications if the Act is repealed, the IFCSAP made a fervent appeal to the people of the State to stay strong and fight against the forceful conversion.

It also appealed the other religious groups to instead press for implementation of the Freedom of Religion Act, saying tomorrow if well established religions start pumping in money to lure the innocent people their existence too will be difficult.

When asked about their future course of action to protect the interest of indigenous faith followers in the State apart from demanding for implementation of AP Freedom of Religion Act, 1978, the IFCSAP members informed that they will create awareness among the people through various means.

Currently, there are altogether 475 prayer centres of IFCSAP across the State.


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