An open letter to the Chief Secretary

We, on behalf of the Land Affected People’s Forum, would like to state that our land and properties have been acquired by the concerned authority by following due process of law and after proper assessment of the properties of project affected persons.

After proper assessment of properties, the land acquisition authority had asked the beneficiaries to execute the land transfer certificate and accordingly, the beneficiaries did the same and relinquished their land in favour of the government.

The land acquisition authority after obtaining Land Transfer Certificate from the beneficiaries disbursed legitimate compensation to them. The compensation was disbursed as per final DPR, approved road alignment plan and abstract of compensation payment sheet, chainage wise beneficiary list.

However, to the utter shock and dismay of the beneficiaries the fact finding committee in “most illegal” and “arbitrary” manner issued order No PA-LM/2018 dated 26.05.2018 whereby all land compensation related bank accounts operated in the name of Deputy Commissioner, Ziro, was temporarily frozen for transaction of land compensation amounts until further order.

In pursuance of the said order the authority concerned in similar way also withheld the bank account of beneficiaries whereas as per the order dated 26.05.2018 only all land compensation related bank accounts operated in the name of DC, Ziro was temporarily frozen.

If there is truly any irregularity, illegality in disbursement of compensation, then case should have been registered against all the officials who are part of the land acquisition committee and all 731 beneficiaries. However, herein only some individual beneficiaries and govt officials are being targetted by the government, at the behest of persons having political power.

Therefore, we demand your good office, on behalf of beneficiaries that land and properties of project affected persons should be returned at the earliest along with the land transfer certificates made in favour of the government.

Besides, the approved compensation amount should be returned to (MoRTH), Govt of India.

If your good office fails to fulfill the demands of the project affected person within seven days, we will have no option but to approach appropriate forum under appropriate provision of law for cancellation of LTC and reclaiming of land and properties acquired by the government and land affected people will start a non-corporation movement and will not spare a inch of our land for the said project (Joram-Koloriang road – 20.00 Km to 30.00 Km)

Neelam Obi,

Chairman, LAPF

Toko Neer,

Secretary, LAPF


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