‘Tani festival’ mooted for cultural preservation

‘Tani festival’ mooted for cultural preservation

ITANAGAR, Jul 8: The Abo Tani Clan Organization (ATCO) has decided to celebrate the “Tani festival” at Pasighat in October next with a three-day programme coinciding with its 2nd foundation day celebration.

Divulging this in the 5th central executive meeting of the Organization, its president Yamra Taya said that the foundation day cum “Tani festival” celebration is not just a celebration but it will witness discussion and new approaches to bring awareness among young people about our culture & traditions.

“It is an approach to preserve the culture & identity of the Tani community of the state,” Taya said, adding that the genealogy of the Tani community will be told to the youths. He, in the meantime, sought help from the senior leaders, bureaucrats, and entrepreneurs of the Tani community to help in organizing the event in a grand way.

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