KACNPF alleges bogus voters’ entry in Pani polling booth MLA says allegation ‘baseless’

KACNPF alleges bogus voters’ entry in Pani polling booth MLA says allegation ‘baseless’


ITANAGAR, Oct 6: The 21-Koloriang Assembly Constituency Native People’s Forum (KACNPF) has once again claimed that hundreds of ‘bogus’ voters from outside were being enrolled in the Electoral Rolls especially under the 34-Pani polling station of the constituency.

KACNPF chairman Bengia Tabiak, while speaking to the media persons here at Press Club, demanded the State’s Chief Electoral Officer to take note of the alleged illegalities, claiming that there had been rampant growth of applications for addition (registration of voters) in Electoral Roll under Koloriang circle and Sarli circle particularly in 34-Pani polling station since 2013.

“We have noticed increasing numbers of bogus voters due to rampant transfer of voter IDs from other areas of State to Pani polling booth even after public of the area protested the same. If it is not checked and intervened by the concerned authority soon there will be law and order problem in the area,” he added.

“Earlier, the KACNPF adopted a resolution to prevent enrollment of bogus voters by any political party or any individual to ensure peace and tranquility in the constituency but it was ignored,” Tabiak said.

While blaming the enrolling officers for the ‘abnormal’ rise in the number of voters, the Forum alleged that local MLA Pani Taram is also responsible for bringing his relatives and enrolling them at Pani village with political motives.

He also informed that in this regard, the Forum had submitted a representation to the Chief Electoral Officer, the District Election Officer to cross-check the electors and sought a detailed report.

Former MLA Lokam Tassar, who was also press at the press meet, claimed that the population of Pani village under Koloriang circle is 70 as per 2011 Census but now in 2018 it has increased to 215 that has grown up by 126 percent. “It is complete violation of the guidelines of ECI,” Tassar added.

Talking about remote Damin circle under Koloriang constituency, Tassar claimed that the E-Roll revision process was turned down citing connectivity issues and thus officers are reluctant to conduct hearing there.

KACNPF further urged the Kurung Kumey DC cum DEO for strict vigilance in the ongoing process of electoral roll revision under the constituency particularly 34-Pani polling station.

Meanwhile, Koloriang MLA Pani Taram reacted sharply to the KACNPF allegation, terming it ‘misleading’. “The allegation made by the Forum is baseless and politically motivated with no iota of truth,” he stated.

Quoting Article 326 of Constitution of India and Representation of Peoples Act 1951, Taram stated that anyone above 18 years of age has the right to vote and in case of 34-Pani polling station there has been no inclusion of any bogus voters as the incision and detection process as well as summery revision is going on. “I do not have any knowledge of hundreds of bogus voters being included there,” Taram said.

The MLA however admitted that there are family members and relatives who are staying in other parts of State but are including their names with proper process of transfer. Referring to his own family members including himself who were earlier included in Doimukh, he informed that no illegal names have been included and anyone is welcomed to verify at any point of time.

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