DA drives away 93 stray animals so far

DA drives away 93 stray animals so far

ITANAGAR, Oct 10: A district administration team led by Itanagar CO Likha Radh along with senior vety officer (IMC) Dr G Piel and Dr Sorang Tadap, vety officer (Zoo) continued with its operation to drive away stray animals at various locations of Itanagar including Ganga area, ESS sector, H sector, Itafort area, Donyi Polo road, Nyokum Lapang area, Lobi area etc.

During the operation, four stray animals were driven away.

Deputy Commissioner Capital Complex Prince Dhawan has informed that the DA will continue with the operation while also observing prevention of cruelty to Animals Act.

Combining all the earlier operations, the DA has driven away a total of around 93 stray animals till date.

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