CoSAAP on stir, GoAP in no mood to concede

CoSAAP on stir, GoAP in no mood to concede

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: The State Govt employees’ body, CoSAAP, on Thursday launched a two-day ‘non-cooperation movement’ in the form of pen & tool down strike to protest non-fulfillment of their charter of demands by the ruling Govt, virtually bringing the Govt offices functioning to a standstill. Although they turned up for their offices on the day, the employees abstained from discharging their normal duties.

The employees’ apex body, Confederation of Services Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) has been demanding the State Govt for grant of allowances, in toto, as per the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) recommendations, to which the Govt is totally opposed to citing the ‘precarious’ financial position of the State.

CoSAAP’s demands included grant of house rent allowance (HRA), tough location allowance (TLA), non-practicing allowance for doctors, children education allowance, transport allowance, non-teaching allowance for teachers, allowances for all categories of nurses & uniform allowances for all uniformed personnel, implementation of new TA/DA rules, immediate restoration of All India Medical Attendance Rules, etc.

However, the State Govt has conceded to provide HRA (at the rate of 8% of present basic pay) to group-C employees “only” as per 7th CPC recommendations while group-A and group-B employees shall continue to get HRA @ 10% of their old basic pay as per 6th CPC report. Govt also agreed that TLA shall be increased by Rs 1000 for the employees posted in ‘hard area’ and Rs 500 for the employees posted in ‘soft areas’ as defined by the Govt.

The CoSAAP, however, rejected the ‘partial’ fulfillment of its demands and resorted to the first phase pen & tool down agitation notwithstanding the strong caveat from the Govt to initiate disciplinary action and deduct one day’s salary against non-complying employees.

The CoSAAP, meanwhile, claimed hundred percent success of its agitation, informing that its first day’s non-cooperation democratic movement passed off successfully as per reports received from various offices of Capital Complex and districts. The central executive committee of CoSAAP extended its gratitude for 100% support from the State Govt employees and said it expects same spirit of unity and solidarity in remaining non-cooperation democratic movement, while indicating that the proposed phase-wise agitations will carry on in case of non-fulfillment of its demands.

At the same time, CoSAAP vehemently condemned the Govt move to deduct one-day salary and invoke provisions of CCS (Conduct) Rule, 1964 and CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965. “It is funny and astonishment that when Govt is applying the CCS Rules to punish its employees, Govt has forgotten that the employees’ demands are covered under Central Civil (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 and provisions content in every successive CCS (Pay) Rules. There is no logic to invoke CCS Rules to punish the employees when employees are claiming benefits under same set of CCS Rules adopted by same State Govt.

“The order of the Govt to punish its employees on the pretext of financial constraints is baseless and eyewash with a clear intention to suppress and thwart the rightful activities and to divide and rule the united employees’ movement,” it alleged.

“If the State Govt is really in financial constraints, it should have guts to declare financial emergency for the interest of entire state rather than wrongfully curtailing the genuine entitlement of its employees,” CoSAAP added.

‘Offices function normally’

Meanwhile, a release from the Chief Secretary’s office here said that all the offices were functioning normally on Thursday while informing that it received 2 hourly situation reports from all the HoDs about situation in their respective offices in the wake of CoSAAP’s pen & tool down agitation.

It, however, said some of the employees were found/reported to be on the pen & tool down agitation. The list of such employees have been obtained and, accordingly proceedings to deduct one day salary has been initiated as per the principle of “no work, no pay”.

It is also informed that on the second day of the strike (Oct 12), if any Govt employee is found to be participating in the agitation, dies-non along with ‘break in service’ will be initiated against the participating employee. In-charge Chief Secretary Dr Ashish Chandra Verma said Mobile Teams will be constituted to check the situation in various offices tomorrow also.

The Govt has already issued Order No. PERS-113/2018/202 dated 10th October 2018 declaring the strike as illegal and warning the striking employees of action in case they resort to pen/tool down. It further appealed to all employees to refrain from any illegal action which may adversely affect public interest.

The Govt also praised the majority of employees who “chose to work in public interest in spite of inducement and threats by certain persons”.

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