Govt will not succumb to any pressure tactics: CM

Govt will not succumb to any pressure tactics: CM

PASIGHAT, Oct 11: Mounting the tirade against the agitating employees’ body, Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday said that the State Govt “will not succumb to any pressure tactics by CoSAAP”.

Calling the pen & tool down strike by CoSAAP as “illegal, anti-development and against public interest”, Khandu said: “Few individual under the banner of CoSAAP are misusing their position for their own benefits and are misleading the entire employee community. In fact, the majority of the employees does not approve such kind of pressure tactics.”

Khandu, who was addressing a public meeting at the market area of this centennial town, said the Team Arunachal Govt will not succumb to any intimidation and arm twisting tactics.

“The BJP Govt in the State has neither intimidated anybody nor will be intimidated by anyone. Certain individuals being aware of election timing are trying to manipulate the situation for their own benefit and giving the issue a political colour,” he said.

Sending out a strong message to the agitating employees, the Chief Minister said “no work, no pay” rule will be applied on the first day of the strike. If the strike persists for second day, there will be “break in service” for those employees taking part.

Also stating that State Govt will not hesitate to terminate the agitating employee from their service, Khandu said, “We will be happy to do so as we are eager to recruit fresh hardworking and committed employees.”

Appealing the CoSAAP to “rise above their self-interest and to think for the larger interest of the state”, the CM said that about 60% of state’s resources are spent on revenue expenditure including salaries, wages, OE and OC leaving meager 40% for development activities.

“Take a moment to consider for the welfare of others too. How justified are we if try to suck in all resources for our own benefit,” he asked. He said Arunachal has one of the highest Govt employee population ratios in the country putting great financial pressure on already resource crunch state.

The Chief Minister, however, said that the State Govt “is not against the demand of CoSAAP for additional allowances but is only seeking time as the state’s financial position is not sound as of now to meet all the demands at one go”. He said as and when financial condition improves, the State Govt will implement allowances for Govt employees phase-wise.

On certain genuine demands, the State Govt has granted tough location and soft location allowances besides house rent allowance for Group-C employees and NPA for doctors. This is despite the State Govt not being constitutionally obliged to fulfill such demands, he said.

Moreover, Arunachal Govt has always been forthcoming when it comes to welfare of its employee. It is one of the few states in India to implement the 7th CPC recommendations and has been giving out other benefits from time to time. The State Govt had also agreed to enhance the retirement age despite protests from several employees.

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