GAF dismayed at ‘failure’ of GoAP on several fronts

GAF dismayed at ‘failure’ of GoAP on several frontsechonewsmark

ITANAGAR, Jul 16: The Green Arunachal Foundation (GAF) has expressed its dismay at the reported failure of the state govt on several fronts, especially in tackling monsoon related disasters.

GAF made its disgust known on GoAP’s alleged inability to solve traffic ‘woes’ in capital complex also ensuring safety and security of people.

In a press note, GAF said, “Firstly, the govt should have been well aware beforehand about the havocs brought about by the turbulent monsoon every year. It is condemnable that the govt was not proactive in its schemes and plans so as to be well prepared to tackle the adversaries faced due to the torrential monsoon rains.”

Lamenting that most of the residential colonies of capital complex are facing acute drinking water scarcity due to damage of water pipe lines post the recent rains, the Organization claimed, “The concerned department has “totally failed” to provide the required quantity of water due to want of enough number of water tankers. A single tanker for two colonies or so would seldom solve the problem.”

It said if the state govt sincerely wanted to provide requisite water it could have very well borrowed the required number of tankers from neighbouring Assam and pressed them into service.

Alleging that the state govt has totally failed to solve the traffic problem of capital complex, GAF said: “The traffic of capital complex is almost always clogged, more so due to landslides and washing away of roads. It would have been more meaningful if the state govt could have worked out way to ease the traffic jam by completing the road stretching from Papu Nallah, running through Donyi Polo School and opening up at O-Point crossing.”

Pointing at the hardships faced by people during such disaster, the Org said: “The Chief Minister and the Governor must realize that people of the state are unable to charter helicopters like them in cases of emergencies.”

Stating that the state capital is getting rendered as very unsafe of late for the people due to the incidents of assault, GAF said: “It is the duty of the state govt to initiate steps for safety and security of the people.”

In this connection, GAF appealed the state govt “to maintain a holistic approach towards the problems faced by the people rather then wasting too much time in party meeting and not so important tours at the expense of the state coffers.”

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