National Youth Day celebrated

ITANAGAR, Jan 12: The Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society in association with Govt Hr Sec School here today celebrated the National Youth Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of the great saint Swami Vivekananda. The theme for the NYD celebration was “Channeling Youth Power for Nation Building”.
APSACS Project Director Dr Riken Rina, in his keynote address, highlighted the contribution made by Swami Vivekananda in the nation building and shaping the youth for the nation. He also highlighted the Swamiji’s famous address at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 which impressed the people from the world over to look towards India and its people.
While administering a pledge for the students to remain responsible towards themselves, towards their actions and to the nation, Dr Rina urged them to remain alert and aware of various diseases specially HIV/AIDS and drug abuse which affects the young people.
He also stressed on the importance of ‘ABCDE’ of HIV prevention where ‘A’ stands for abstinence, ‘B’ stands for be faithful to your partner, ‘C’ stands for correct and consistent use of condom, ‘D’ stands for avoid drug and ‘E’ stands for ensuring safe blood transfusion.
The school vice principal Geli Kamki, in his speech, asked the students to equip themselves with knowledge to prevent HIV/AIDS. He also asked them to give importance to health education apart from the school syllabus and remain alert to prevent themselves from various preventable diseases like HIV which is not curable.
APSACS Dy Director (IEC) Tashor Pali asked the young people to create a chain of information about HIV and drug abuse. While urging them to stay away from HIV and drug abuse, he asked the students to take full advantage for digital media to acquire knowledge about HIV/AIDS and ill effects of substance abuse. He asked them to concentrate on their career as it’s the right time to shape their future. Instead of wasting time in unproductive activities, students should concentrate more on studies and sports activities, he added. He also urged them to practice what they learn otherwise, the mere knowledge without practicing it become useless.
NSS programme officer J Zirdo also spoke on the occasion.