Demand for blacklisting M/s YL Enterprises

| Staff REPORTER |
ITANAGAR, Feb 22: One Likha Rajnik of Ambam village, Yazali, Lower Subansiri district has demanded blacklisting of the construction firm M/s YL Enterprises, Sito village, Pistana circle for allegedly indulging in malpractices.
In a representation to the Chief Minister, Rajnik claimed that the proprietor of M/s YL Enterprises, which has been awarded the tender work ‘Construction of road from Moya to Ambam village via Chami (15Km) Ph-I vide NIT No. EE/YZD/2019-20/06’, who is the wife of Assistant Engineer of PWD, Yazali Division, in her affidavit declared that “no near relative of the proprietor of the firm is working as gazetted officer in BRO, APPWD, and any other Govt departments” who can influence the tender process.
He also alleged that the aforesaid tender work has been awarded to the firm violating the provisions of ‘The Arunachal Pradesh District Based Entrepreneurship and Professional (Incentive, Development and Promotional) Act, 2015’.
In a press conference here this afternoon, Rajnik expressed that the episode is totally against the interest of the general public and development of the state. “You do not give us work saying we lack work experience…If you do not give us work then how we are supposed to have work experience,” he questioned while pointing out the alleged irregularities. He also made available a stockpile of documents gathered through RTI to the press persons to substantiate his claim.
Rajnik has earlier lodged a similar complaint with the Chief Engineer, CSQ, PWD Itanagar for alleged blatant violation of the tender norms but to no avail.
He appealed to the Chief Minister to blacklist the firm and cancel its registration so that the “genuine firms can participate in the tender process”.